Anti-Bullying Week in P5

In Primary 5, we discussed what bullying is and who to tell if we are being bullied. We came up with this poem as a class:

End Bullying Now
Bullying is bad, it makes people sad,
Be sure to tell your mum or dad,
Try and make a bully your friend,
So that this situation can finally end!!

Bullies may be waiting in the hall,
To trip you up and make you fall,
They may be lurking very near,
To pounce on you or pull your ear!

Bullying can be on Facebook or Twitter,
They can leave nasty messages, which are very bitter,
You can tell an adult you trust,
This is definitely a MUST!

In Maralin Village Primary School,
We realise bullying is not cool,
We are going to end bullying for all,
Let’s stand up together, nice and tall.







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