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Pancakes galore with P.1/2

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On Shrove Tuesday P1&2 made pancakes. The children enjoyed weighing out ingredients, mixing the batter and flipping their own pancake. They enjoyed a variety of toppings on their pancakes. The smell of pancakes filled the corridor all day! Here is …

Toys with P.1/2

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P1&2 are really enjoying their new topic ‘Toys’. We have been designing and making toys in the Toy Workshop. We have also been playing in the toy shop and selling/ buying toys. The children have enjoyed filling up their shopping …

P.1 & 2 Shining like Stars on stage

No Comments 13 Dec Author: Mrs Jackson Category:Latest News, Mrs Guy, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Ligget, Mrs Lyttle

P.1 and 2 performed Shine Star Shine at the Christmas concert. 


No Comments 22 Oct Author: Miss West Category:Latest News, Mrs Ligget, Mrs McClimond, Mrs Watt

P4 have been enjoying learning about themselves in Activity Based Learning. Our activities are carrying out scientific investigations into their senses making skeleton pictures with different materials making a cardboard cut out of themselves programming a bee bot to move …

The School Council

No Comments 3 Oct Author: Mrs Jackson Category:Latest News, Miss West, Mr Hamilton, Mr Moore, Mrs Dickson, Mrs Ligget, Mrs McClimond

This year’s School Council representatives have been elected and our first meeting has been held. The council will be meeting every 3-4 weeks with Mrs. Liggett who is our teacher in charge of school council. Each of the representatives have …

P.1 & 2 Mrs. Guy & Mrs. Liggett’s class

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