Disco night

Great excitement this evening as the children got their glad rags and dancing shoes on for the last night of the trip big disco. P.7. danced the night away (as did the teachers) and everyone had a fantastic night. Some sleepy heads hitting the pillows this evening. Hard to believe that we are all coming home tomorrow. The children have been a complete pleasure to be away with and a credit to their school.

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7 Responses to Disco night

  1. Karen says:

    Wow looks like everyone had a blast and you will all sleep well tonight…I suspect most of the kids won’t waken too early on Saturday!! Glad they enjoyed their last night and safe home tomorrow ?

  2. Ruth says:

    Loved to see everyone’s moves – everyone looked fantastic too! You all seem to have had a fantastic trip – can’t wait to see you all this evening & to hear all about it.
    Travel safely home.

  3. kirsty says:

    Happy faces showing just how great a time the children have all had! I’m sure there are some tired grumpy people this morning lol!
    Thank you so much to you all for giving them this opportunity and the life long memories that will go with it!
    Safe home to you all today – can’t wait to hear all the stories! Xx

  4. Dorothy says:

    Disco looks like great fun ….. and a workout …very energetic.. safe travels … see you later …

  5. Jayne says:

    Check out those moves !!! You all look fantastic and so happy surrounded by wonderful friends .
    Have a safe trip home and can’t wait to see you later xx

  6. isabella law says:

    Hope everyone has a safe trip home see you tonight disco
    looked fun isabella

  7. Reuben brett says:

    Safe trip home see you soon have a fab time on the boat

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