Fairy Tale Puppet Shows

Fairy Tale Puppet Shows


Mrs. Jackson’s class take a look at fairy tales

Mrs. Jackson’s class spent a few weeks looking a fairy tales in literacy. They really enjoyed listening to all their favorite stories in the class and being introduced to others that they had never heard before.

P.1. had great fun joining in with the character’s lines and acting out different parts of stories. They sequenced storylines, retold stories, made up different endings to the stories and a great deal of other activities based on all the fairy tales they met.

In their last week, each group agreed on a fairy tale to perform in a class puppet show. This involved a great deal of discussion as each group identified the characters and the settings from their story and then set to work making puppets and painting scenery for the big show.

Each group had an opportunity to perform their puppet show in front of the whole class and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

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