Friend or Foe Role-Play by P6/7

In Literacy we have been studying an extract from Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. We used the Green Screen by Do Ink app during our role-play activity to put ourselves in a hall during WWII.  

WALT improvise a scene based on experience and imagination.


  • explore David and Tucky’s feelings by role playing a possible conversation between them;
  • use appropriate quality of speech and voice, speaking audibly and varying facial expression/ body language, according to the purpose and audience.

role-play1 role-play2 role-play3 role-play4 role-play5 role-play6 role-play7 role-play8 role-play9 role-play10 role-play11 role-play12  role-play15 role-play16 role-play17 role-play18 role-play19

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