Fun Day For The Jubilee Goes With A Swing

The school went back in time for Fun Day to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Children and staff went back into the 1950s by dressing up in clothes of the era and some children came dressed as members of the royal family and enjoyed a fun day in school where activities ranged from face painting, bouncy castles, zumba class, board games, football and a disco to name but a few. It was lovely to see everyone make such an effort and have such a great day.

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4 Responses to Fun Day For The Jubilee Goes With A Swing

  1. i look so weird at the penalty shoot out! :]

  2. i luved the carnival day it waz awesome!!! :]

  3. i miss school already

  4. Ellen Crawford says:

    loooooved the pictures
    I wish I could relive that day again and again!

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