Mrs Dickson’s Class – P4

Primary 4 – Information for Parents:

Welcome to P.4.
I hope the following information proves useful:

Physical Education/Games
(Monday & Thursday)
P.E. Kit – dark shorts, white top, black plimsolls – to be kept in school in a labelled P.E. bag.
On dry Games afternoons (Thursday) – the children may be outside; therefore school jogging bottoms and trainers may be worn.
No jewellery should be worn (including ear-rings) and long hair must be tied back.

Homework : Should be presented neatly and accurately. It should always have the date and title at the top of the page, any underlining should be done with a ruler, should be checked by an adult and may be corrected if silly mistakes are made. If your child finds a homework particularly difficult, please let me know – a comment at the top of the page will suffice. ALL homework should be signed by the supervising adult.
Homework should last on average 30 mins. per evening – please let me know if your child is taking longer to do so.

Homework Diary : This should be consulted each evening and signed on Thursday evenings.

Test Book: This contains a record of the end of week spelling and mental maths tests and will be sent home every Friday or Monday to be signed by parents. It is very important that this book is not lost as it is a formative record of your child’s progress in these areas. Corrections should be made over the weekend and returned to school in time for the next week’s test.

Tests and Exams : Children will have a weekly test in spelling and mental arithmetic.
Tests will also be set periodically throughout the year eg. at the end of a certain topic or piece of work. These will be sent home with your child and should be signed and returned to school as they are part of their records, and are placed in their files of achievement. End of Key Stage tests in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT are completed during Terms 2 & 3 and the summative results of these are available in June along with standards for Northern Ireland. The children will also complete Standardised Tests in Reading, Spelling, Literacy and Numeracy in Term 3.

Whilst important, all of these tests are kept relatively low-key. It is my belief that children will perform much better if they are relaxed and just view them as part of the normal school day.

Feedback to Parents : Parent Interviews in Terms 1 & 2 / 3
Written Progress Report in Term 3
In the meantime, if you have any concerns regarding your child please discuss these with me as soon as possible. Please phone the school office to arrange a suitable time.

General Issues :
Children should arrive at school between 8.45 – 9.00 am and proceed to the Assembly Hall. All children should have left the premises by 3.10 pm unless they are staying for an after school activity. If you are not collecting younger children, please collect your child from the back playground at 3pm.

Dinner money: must be given to the class teacher on Monday mornings with a clear indication as to when the child will take dinner. (£2.20 per day) The school sells money envelopes at a price of £2.
Try and encourage your child to bring a healthy break / lunch.
Children may keep a bottle of water on their table during the day.
Milk should be ordered on a half-termly basis.

Stationery: Children should all have a plastic folder in which to keep their homework diary, reading book, spelling book and homework etc.
Please back spellings & tables book, test book, homework diary etc.
Pencil cases should be well stocked with pencils, rubber, sharpener, colouring pencils and a Glue Stick. A 30 cm ruler is also required.
All items of clothing and possessions should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.
It would also be greatly appreciated if you could supply a box of tissue for general classroom use.

Please remember a note is required for all absences, including leaving school early for appointments etc.

Once again – if anything is troubling your child, or if you yourself have any concerns, please do not hesitate to make an appointment to speak to me.
I hope your child is very happy throughout his / her time in P.4.

Helen Dickson


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