Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

The children travelled to Manchester this morning and their first stop was at the Museum of Science and Industry. The P7s had an opportunity to experiment with the interactive exhibits and enjoyed a morning of fun activities.

IMG_9139 IMG_9140 IMG_9144 IMG_9145 IMG_9146 IMG_9147 IMG_9148 IMG_9152 IMG_9153 IMG_9154 IMG_9156 IMG_9159 IMG_9161 IMG_9162 IMG_9165 IMG_9167 IMG_9172 IMG_9177 IMG_9178 IMG_9179 IMG_9180 IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9187 IMG_9188 IMG_9190 IMG_9192 IMG_9195 IMG_9199 IMG_9200 IMG_9201 IMG_9202 IMG_9203 IMG_9205

2 Responses to Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester

  1. Karen Young says:

    They are having so much fun, lovely seeing all the photos ?

  2. Allyson says:

    Looks fun any homework tonight.

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