P.1 & 2 Shining like Stars on stage

P.1 and 2 performed Shine Star Shine at the Christmas concert. 

img_6717 img_6718 img_6719 img_6721 img_6723 img_6724 img_6725 img_6726 img_6730 img_6731 img_6733 img_6734 img_6737 img_6740 img_6743 img_6744 img_6745 img_6748 img_6749 img_6753 img_6754 img_6756 img_6758 img_6762 img_6763 img_6764 img_6765 img_6767 img_6768 img_6769 img_6771 img_6773 img_6777 img_6778 img_6780 img_6782 img_6784 img_6792 img_6794 img_6798 img_6801 img_6872 img_6878 img_6882 img_6883 img_6891 img_6892 img_6897 img_6898 img_6899 img_6900 img_6901 img_6902 img_6903 img_6905 img_6906 img_6911 img_6914 img_6916 img_6917 img_6918 img_6919 img_6920 img_6921 img_6933 img_6934 img_6937 img_6941 img_6943 img_6945 img_6946 img_6947 img_6948 img_6949 img_6950 img_6951 img_6952 img_6954 img_6957 img_6958 img_6967 img_6968 img_6970 img_6971 img_6972 img_6973 img_6976 img_6978 img_6979 img_6981 img_6982 img_6986 img_6987 img_6989 img_6997 img_7001 img_7010 img_7014 img_7015 img_7016 img_7017 img_7019 img_7021 img_7027 img_7028 img_7029 img_7033

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