P.1. Navitity starts the Christmas Feeling at school

P.1. performed a nativity play in front of famiy and friends this morning and put everyone in a very Christmasy mood. They sang some beautiful songs and everyone had an opportunity to have their moment on the stage. It was a lovely morning and it was a joy for the children to perform to their nearest and dearest at such a special time.

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2 Responses to P.1. Navitity starts the Christmas Feeling at school

  1. Ruth Millar says:

    The P1 Nativity was lovely today and the kids all looked like they were enjoying themselves. Well done to all involved!

  2. gillian says:

    Love all these photos not just those of my son! Congrats 2 the teachers and support staff in putting on a very well delivered heart warming christmas performance. All the kids were stars!

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