P5/6 visit Armagh Planetarium

Mr Moore’s class enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Planetarium in Armagh. Their first activity involved making a rocket out of recycled materials. The highlight was blasting them up the grassy slope outside. Well done Dylan and Matthew I’m sure yours broke several records for height and distance covered.

Back inside they were treated to a video presentation on the life of an astronaut before finding some information about the solar system. The seats were cool as they got to lie right back while the stars and planets revolved around their heads.

As it is National Space Week they got to participate in some astronaut training. The dried strawberries and ice cream were definitely an acquired taste but they looked a whole lot better than the mashed potato! Mr Moore’s class then got to look around the exhibits and were allowed to touch the meteorite which was made mostly from iron and weighed 22st.

Outside they had a walk in the Astro-park which shows a scale model of our Solar System. They may be a little tired tonight but you have to remember they have been to Pluto and back today!

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  1. Lisa Hine says:

    Looks out of this world!!!!

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