P6 study Kandinsky

Primary 6 have been learning about Kandinsky. He pretty much invented abstract art back in the early 1900’s and his, “Study of Abstract Squares” is a fun painting to imitate. Using oil pastels Primary 6 made a circle in the middle of each square and filled it in. Then they gradually added rings of different colours around it, some thick and some thin until they reached the edge of the square. The corners were filled in as needed. They discovered that slow, solid colouring looked much better than quick scribbles.

 Kandinsky Art01 Kandinsky Art02 Kandinsky Art03 Kandinsky Art04 Kandinsky Art05 Kandinsky Art06 Kandinsky Art07 Kandinsky Art08 Kandinsky Art09 Kandinsky Art10 Kandinsky Art11 Kandinsky Art12 Kandinsky Art13 Kandinsky Art14 Kandinsky Art15 Kandinsky Art16 Kandinsky Art17 Kandinsky Art18 Kandinsky Art19 Kandinsky Art20 Kandinsky Art21 Kandinsky Art22 Kandinsky Art23

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