School encouraging children and parent’s to register on activ8 ni

Our school is encouraging children and parents to get online and register themselves on the activ8 site. This site has been set up for schools to promote and record exercise taken by children, teachers and parents. Schools are placed on to a result chart every week and recieve games equipment as prizes. Get registering and get active – just follow the instructions below

Registering for Activ8

Go to the website

Scroll down on left there will be a register button click this

Choose individual (not school)

Fill in the three pages of information – you will need a different e-mail for each person wishing to register

When you have registered you will have to log in

You will then see the 60×60 challenge

Find the link that will take you to the school list

Choose Armagh

Choose Maralin Village Primary School

This allows you to sponsor our school with any activities you now register

You can record up to 60 minutes activities per day but you can only register once so it is best to do this in the evening when you can allocate the maximum amount

It can be recorded retrospectively

However It must be recorded daily to count towards the final total


The challenge is to do 60 minutes of exercise each day for 60 days. There are prizes available for the top schools each week, so please register and record all your activities, to help us win much needed sports equipment for school. Remember everyone and anyone can register (not just the children). Thank you for your support.

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